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  • Access the full product library and upload your products
  • Create 3D photo-realistic projects of simple and custom interiors
  • Save your projects and products on your Tilelook web public profile
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Access Tilelook full product library
Upload your brand products
Use the 3D Design Tool
Create photo-realistic renders, 360° views and VR
newTilelook App iOS/Android to view 360° projects on mobile
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All the features in PRO +
Fast and high resolution Cloud Render
newChat with buyers and sell your products on the Tilelook Marketplace
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Frequently asked questions

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How can I buy Tilelook and what are the payment methods?

You can make the purchase using your credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners, Discover, JCB, PostePay), PayPal or you can pay via Bank Transfer.

Is the renewal automatic? Are there any fines to pay in case I don't renew immediately?

No, when your subscription expires you will be notified from us by email and you can decide to renew immediately or later, without paying any fine.

Will I lose all my work if I don't renew my subscriptions immediately?

No, your projects will still be saved in your account and you will be able to open them again when you decide to renew the subscription.

What are the computer requirements?
Windows OS
From Windows 8 to Windows 11
Windows 10
Mac OS X
From 10.11 El Capitan to 12.2 Monterey
Boot Camp, VMWare, Parallels are not supported
Mac OS 12.2 Monterey
12GB or more
Graphics card
Video card with drivers that support OpenGL version 4.0
Nvidia Geforce 1050 2GB or better
Processor (CPU)
2GHz i5 or higher
Display Resolution
minimum: 960p, maximum: 1440p
Internet connection
1Mbs download/upload speed
10Mbs download/upload or higher
How can I learn to use Tilelook?

You can watch the free tutorial videos, participate to our monthly online presentations (webinars) or request an online course.

Does the free trial of 30 days include the full product library?

Yes, the free 30 day trial includes all the features of Tilelook PRO, including access to the full product library.

I want to make my colleagues and affiliates try Tilelook, is it possible to request a free trial for more users?

Certainly, we can provide you with a custom promo code that you can send to anyone, without any limit on the number of users, to start a free trial of 30 or 60 days.

Can I install the program on more computers?

Yes, you can install the program on all the computers you want. When you launch the software you will need to login with your account. You can access the software only from 1 computer at a time with the same account..

If there are missing products or brands in the library, can they be added?

Yes, adding products to Tilelook is free for everyone. Adding tiles and / or interior objects is easy enough (you can watch our tutorial videos to learn how to do it). You need to have the product data, images or 3D model. Manufacturers can add and publish their products in the open and in a closed library for personal use. Other users add products to their personal library on Tilelook, which, with the approval of the Manufacturer, can be fully or partially published for all users. Add your products yourself or help us contact brands you are interested in. so that we formally request data and permission for publication

Why is the cost so low?

Compared to other typical software licenses that cost hundreds or thousands of €, Tilelook offers a pay-as-you-go service that includes everything, not only the software license but also the continuous update of the program and of the product library, and the technical support, for 1 month or 1 year. We are convinced that this is the right business model to have a satisfied customer base that appreciates the service and grows with us.

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